HL7 (Health Level Seven)

HL7 - interface in the Region of Southern Denmark

This site contains specifikation details of the HL7 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_Level_7) interfaces of Region Syddanmark. The HL7 interface can be used to exchange data between an external system and systems in the Regions infrastructure. The information contained in this site is subject to change. Revisions and updates will be issued from time to time to document changes and/or additions.

Integration Platform

Integration with HL7 messages in region Syddanmark to external applications is exchanged and converted by the region's integration platform Cloverleaf.


Region Syddanmark supports HL7 standard v2.3

Requirements of the External System

When communicate with the region integration platform using the TCP/IP mechanism, the external system must be able to create sockets, put the information into a message buffer, and send and receive messages.

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